implant birth control effectiveness

How much do you know about implant birth control effectiveness? If you are a woman and are concerned in using some type of contraceptives, then the implantable birth control methods are your best option. These types of birth control methods are very effective for the prevention of pregnancy and are also being very tolerated by women who use them. One of the most common side effects from the use of this method is irregular menstrual bleeding along with periods that increased with the duration of its usage. The menstrual disturbances are known to be very common, and in most situations, this is explained to women before they decide on using this type of contraceptive.

Implant Birth Control Effectiveness

They are made of silicone rods and contain the hormone, known as levonorgestrel, which is also an active ingredient that is found in oral contraceptives. These rods insert right beneath the skin of the inside arm right above the elbow. The rods release this hormone right into the user’s bloodstream. This method is recognized to be more than 98 percent effective in women who weigh less than 160 pounds. You need to know about implant birth control effectiveness.

One other device is intrauterine and this is a foreign body that essentially is made of nonreactive plastic material and is inserted right into the uterus of the woman for the purpose of defense of pregnancy. There are other devices that use active chemicals like progesterone or even copper that will gradually release locally to help the efficiency. This technique achieves the birth control effects by preventing any new human life by implanting inside the lining of the uterus.

Through a new research of these implantable methods were being found to be very effective for the women who use them for the purpose of preventing pregnancy. I want to introduce implant birth control effectiveness.

These implantable contraceptives are only one of these several new non-pill choices that are now available for all women to opt for when they want to protect themselves from becoming pregnant. These devices now join the several injectable contraceptives patch, the progestin-releasing vaginal ring, and the intrauterine device.

Implant Birth Control Effectiveness-Does It Affect Your Fertility?

Lots of women use one method of birth control or the other in order to prevent pregnancies for a variety of reasons. This is a very important aspect of female empowerment. However, the method a woman adopts can actually affect her fertility in the long term. Many women realize much to their horror, that they are unable to get pregnant when they finally decide to start a family. You should eliminate your fears and doubts about implant birth control effectiveness.

implant birth control effectiveness2
Implant Birth Control Effectiveness

Women who use barrier methods of contraception do not generally face any problems getting pregnant unless they have delayed attempting pregnancy beyond their 40s or if they have any other medical condition that results in infertility. Injectable or implanted birth control hormones offer long-term protection against conceiving a child but they also have a residual effect on the woman’s fertility. Some of the hormones used tend to get collected in the muscles and this minor amount has a negative effect on fertility. A woman needs to wait a few months after the levels of the hormones are depleted before she should try to get pregnant. Women who have been using abortions as a means of preventing birth are the worst off since many abortions can harm the lining of their uterus, preventing future pregnancies.

There is a mixed opinion with regards to the contraceptive pill. While it has a negative effect on some women, the overwhelming majority benefit from it because it regulates the hormone levels and their menstrual cycle, making it easy for them to plan a pregnancy. As a matter of fact, there are many studies that indicate that women who go off the pill find it no more difficult to get pregnant than women who were not using any method of birth control.

Interestingly, birth control pills can actually be used to increase your fertility. Women who start treatment to stimulate ovulation sometimes realize that their bodies are resistant to these drugs. One way to deal with the problem is to use birth control pills between each cycle of treatment. This method has proven to be very effective in increasing a woman’s fertility. Women who are facing problems with ovulation can easily buy drugs online in order to stimulate ovulation.

It is very easy to buy Clomid online and one does not even need a prescription for it. Used with the right birth control pills it can enable a woman to realize her long-term dream of having a baby.

5 Effective Birth Control Methods for Women

Many women use various birth control methods in order to evade pregnancy. If one wants to avoid fertilization or disrupt pregnancy, birth control methods are used. Avoidance of fertilization can be done using the birth control method, prevention of implantation of the blast cyst can be done using contraception and elimination of embryo can be done using the abortion method. You never knew about implant birth control effectiveness.

implant birth control effectiveness
Effectiveness of Implant Birth Control

Implant birth control methods for women may be effective for one woman, but may not work for another. Eternal methods are permanent and cannot be reversed. Many types of birth control implant methods for women include either barrier, natural, hormonal methods. The purpose of the techniques is to prevent the sperm from fertilizing the egg in the woman’s body which causes a pregnancy. Other than that no birth control method can offer 100 percent effectiveness and none can offer perfect defense against the sexually transmitted diseases.

Barrier Methods

This technique set up a barrier to stop the sperm from reaching the egg. Contraceptive Sponge may be used by wetting it and placing it inside the vagina so as to wrap the cervix. The other device that can be used is a diaphragm or cervical cap. They need to be placed in the vagina before having sexual intercourse. The female condom is worn by the woman inside the vagina and is made of elastic thin rubber. This creates a barricade and prevents the sperm from the success of the egg. Male condoms are used by men on the erect male organ to remain the sperms from incoming the woman’s body.

Hormonal Methods

This birth control technique for women remains pregnancy away by interfering with ovulation, fertilization of the egg. Oral birth control pills are of two types, one being a combined pill and another mini pill. The joint pill contains estrogen and progestin and is taken daily. These keep the ovaries from releasing an egg and it changes the liner of the uterus. Different types of oral birth control pills are available in the market and doctor’s advice should be taken before taking these pills. The mini pill includes only one hormone which is the progestin. This pill takes daily at the same time. One more method is the Patch which is worn over the buttocks, lower abdomen. This Patch releases the hormones and prevents the ovaries from releasing eggs. It also thickens the cervical mucus. Injections of the progestin hormones are also available. Different hormonal birth control tool is the Vaginal Ring that releases progestin and estrogen.

Implantable Devices

In this implant birth control method, the devices like Implantable rods, Copper IUD or Hormonal IUDs are inserted into the woman’s body and left inside for a few years.

Permanent Method

Those who do not want to get pregnant permanently and is done by surgical sterilization or sterilization implant.

Emergency Contraception:

Emergency contraception method is used only if the woman’s birth control method fails and not as a regular birth control method. These Contraception Pills are eaten as 2 doses and they work by preventing the sperm from joining the egg. It should be taken as soon as possible after having sexual intercourse. Choose one of these above Birth Control implant techniques for women which suit you best. You should know some common misconceptions about implant birth control effectiveness.


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