essure birth control

You need to learn about essure birth control. There are a number of methods that women can use that can prevent themselves from becoming pregnant. One such supposedly permanent method is known as Essure. Essure birth control is a mechanical spring-like device which works with the body to create a natural barrier and so prevent a pregnancy from occurring. The filaments within the device cause the body to produce scar tissue which provides that barrier.

Essure Birth Control and Removal

The main reasons why so women are choosing to undergo this procedure to prevent a pregnancy in the future are as follows:-

  1. You do not need to be placed under general anesthesia to have the procedure carried out as no cutting needs to take place. This also means that in most cases, the procedure can be carried out in your doctor’s office. However, you may be given certain medications, like a local anesthesia, to numb your cervix, to help relax your body, and to minimize pain.
essure birth control
Essure Birth Control
  1. Because there is no need for general anesthesia, recovery time from the procedure is a lot quicker. In most cases women are able to resume what they do on a daily basis the day after the procedure has been carried out.
  2. Whereas patches, rings, birth control pills and some types of IUD have hormones, the Essure device does not. No hormone means it should not interfere with your natural menstrual cycle. In most cases, women who have undergone this procedure have found that their periods remain the same as they were previous to the device being fitted.

Although the essure birth control device is a relatively new form of permanent birth control, on the surface it looks pretty good to meet that purpose. However, if you should decide that you would like children in the future after having the Essure device fitted, you can. You have the choice of undergoing IVF treatment which can prove very expensive indeed. There is also some potential risk to a fetus from the Essure device hanging out in the uterus meaning that with the expense of the procedure, IV may not be your best option.

 Essure Removal by Sterilization Reversal

The other choice you have is to undergo a sterilization reversal procedure. Women are coming forward now wanting such a sterilization reversal as they have changed their minds about wanting another child. In fact women under 30 are much more likely to regret having undergone sterilization which is what a permanent form of birth control like Essure is considered to be.

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Permanent Birth Control

Should you choose to have more children following fitting of this device, then you will need to have it removed. To do this, a tubal surgeon will need to perform a procedure known as tub uterine implantation. This procedure is surgery unlike the Essure implantation and does require general anesthesia.

Basically, the surgeon performing the operation will need to cut out this device which is causing the blockage in the fallopian tubes. This will entail removing the part of the fallopian tubes where it was implanted as well as part of the uterus. A new opening has to be made into the uterus to allow the remaining part of the fallopian tubes to be implanted into the uterine cavity. The more of the fallopian tubes that remains intact the greater the chance you have of conceiving naturally.

Essure Permanent Birth Control

This form of sterilization reversal of the Essure device is relatively new as the device itself is as well. Women are, however, coming forward wanting its removal. At this time, only two tubal surgeons have completed this Essure reversal. There just have not been enough reversals done to have any adequate statistics on its success. However, if you have decided you do want it removed, you would do best contacting Dr. Berger of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center to have it done as he is the leading surgeon in this form of reversal and well as tubal ligation reversal. Visit his website today.

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