brain damaging habits

The brain is an exceptionally central body part, as it is one of the largest one in the human being and represents the main control center. It has multiple functions, responsibilities, and tasks, as well as lots of information stored. Its delicate structure can be easily brain damaged and thus cause various serious health issues and complications. According to the world health organization, these are the top 10 dangerous brain damaging habits nowadays.

Dangerous Brain Damaging Habits

Every day we are doing very dangerous brain damaging habits such as sleep deprivation, alcohol consumption, high sugar intake, smoking, overeating and lack of physical exercise. Brain damaging habits are the silent killer for our health. The most 13 brain damaging habits are given in the below.

Brain damaging habits
Brain damage


  1. No Breakfast

We all the time hear that the breakfast is the most significant meal of the day, but you surely recognize a lot of people who avoid it on a daily basis. Regular avoidance of the breakfast will deliver inadequate amounts of nutrients to the brain, and if frequent, it can lead to brain deterioration over time.

Brain damaging habits
No breakfast
  1. Sleep Deprivation

The deficiency of sleep for a long period of time accelerated the death of brain cells. Sleep supplies proper rest and

brain damaging habits
Sleep Deprivation

controls the body from the stress during the day. Sleeping should always be among your priorities.


  1. High Sugar Intake

Unfortunately, sugar is unseen in almost all food and drinks we eat nowadays. If you give up sugar, you will experience great benefits for your brain in the long run. High sugar having regularly harms the capability of the body to absorb nutrients, leading to malnutrition and development of brain disorders for a long time.

  1. Overeating

Overeating guides to weight gain harm self-respect, as well as reduced mental power and hardening of the arteries in the brain for a long time.

  1. Smoking

All of us especially chain smokers know that smoking is very dangerous to health as well as the brain. It has many negative effects on your brain health. Smoking can cause lung cancer, complicate pregnancy, heart disease and other human body disorders. If you care for your life and want to be alive longer, stop smoking now.


brain damaging habits
  1. Head Covered While Sleeping

Head covered sleeping habit obstructs the receiving of proper oxygen during the night, and while sleeping. One can suffer air deficiency.


  1. Air Pollution

You cannot walk around with a mask during the whole day. You cannot help yourself with this problem much. The proper function of the brain needs extremely high oxygen amount, so the regular breathing of polluted air decreases the supply oxygen, distressing the effectiveness of the brain.


  1. Working Your Brain During Illness

We live in a world where every person lacks the time and we regularly run, several people would rather carry on working than rest while sick. We need to rest a bit and that the brain desperately wants a break. Pushing through sickness may lessen the brain effectiveness and cause damage.


  1. Talking Rarely

Intellectual conversations make stronger and extend this organ and boost its functions.


  1. Lack of Stimulating Thought

Intellectual thinking increases the brain and supports its functions; significantly this habit progresses the brain and opens a new pathway in the mind. The neurologists of the brain make sure that you will either improve the mind, or the brain will minimize and your lack of concentration and reduced efforts will decline your skills and abilities.


  1. Lack of physical Exercise

Any exercise activities develop physical fitness, brain health, heart health and overall health. It is done for different reasons. Regular physical exercises enhance the immune system and avoid heart diseases and brain damage. Regular work out also develops mental health, and helps to avoid depression and improves one’s self-esteem.

brain damaging habits
Lack of Exercise
  1. Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol extremely damages brain systems and body cells. Regular taking of alcohol would cause certain diseases like brain damage, liver cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure. Extreme drinking can disrupt usual sleeping patterns resulting in insomnia and lack of sleep can lead to pressure and nervousness.

brain damaging habits
  1. Poor Diet

Normally junk foods are no nutritional value at all. One harmful consequence from eating junk food is lack of energy and vital brain damage. Junk food can also cause brain damage and heart diseases. Most junk foods contain high in cholesterol it can harm your liver finally.

Most people today have fewer times to prepare nutritious foods. More people want a suitable life; fast and easy are extra chosen by most.  You know the reality of bad brain damaging habits. It depends on you how you can be alive a healthy lifestyle and live a standard life. Remember we have one life, so let us take good care of our most valuable possession.


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