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Birth control implant weight gain has a vital impact on women health. Both males and females ought to take responsibility after they become folks. They ought to bear in mind that they’re conveyance a brand new life into this world. However, once men and ladies aren’t able to take the responsibility then they ought to select contraception strategies. It has been reported that each year in us there square measure concerning three.6 million unplanned pregnancies. Out of those half them happen as a result of the couples don’t use any contraception technique and spouse UN agency do use the contraception strategies don’t use them properly.

birth control implant weight gain
Birth Control

If you intend for a contraception technique then before you begin with the strategies it’s best to require the recommendation of the doctor as every technique of contraception has its own professionals and cons. If you are doing not like one technique you’ll perpetually attempt the opposite technique.

Gaining information concerning contraception strategies is very important as a result of all the strategies have their own benefits and drawbacks. What is more, there’s no best technique of contraception as no technique prevents maternity all the time. There square measure perpetually probabilities of obtaining pregnant.

Birth Control Implant Weight Gain

To make it straightforward and straightforward the contraception strategies either prevents a man’s sperm cell to enter from reaching a woman’s egg or preventing the beast from implanting within the woman’s womb and commencing to grow. If you intend for a contraception technique then before you begin with the strategies it’s best to require the recommendation of the doctor as every technique of contraception has its own professionals and cons. If you are doing not like one technique you’ll perpetually attempt the opposite technique.

birth control implant weight gain
Birth Control Implant Weight Gain

The only method does not get pregnant is active abstinence. That’s to not make love in any respect. This is often the sole best and 100 percent warranted technique on not obtaining pregnant. However, this is often exhausting to follow and impractical for many of the couples.

Before you intend to require contraception ways there are things to be taken into consideration like your overall health, the number of sexual partners you have got, however typically you have got sex if you would like to own youngsters and your comfort level with mistreatment the tactic. Apart from the natural means of contraception, abstinence, that’s refraining yourself from sex there are alternative artificial ways too.

The first sort is that the barrier technique. It physically prevents the gamete from getting into the womb of the girl and therefore prevents the fertilizing the women’s egg. The barrier technique means that the employment of condoms. There are additional blessings of barrier ways like they’re obtainable wide worldwide and if used properly they supply effective protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

The Connection between Birth Control and Female


The contraception pill has been an incredible invention ever since it absolutely was brought on the market, however by constant token there are some issues with this fantastic invention. Whereas the contraception pill is legendary for having the ability to forestall physiological state with an awfully high success rate, there has conjointly been a link created over time and with an extra study that has connected taking the contraception pill to a lower interest in sexual issues.

The contraception pill in terribly basic terms works by suppressing organic process. Organic process is that the action that a lady goes through each month, the tip results of that is that the unharnessed of associate egg to be inseminated then planted if all goes well. this is often done through the suppression of sure hormones and therefore the administering of artificial hormones to exchange them and whereas this will have the impact of serving to forestall the discharge of the egg and therefore the later implantation of the fertilized ovum that eventually results in physiological state, it conjointly seems that those hormones that are affected management plenty of sexual interest within the girl likewise.

For this reason, it’s been found that the contraception pill has been joined to a decrease in concupiscence, a decrease in enjoyment of sex and a decrease of the natural lubrication a woman’s canal creates throughout the sexual expertise. Once added to different potential aspect effects like the gaining of weight, the holding of water and fully fledged depression, it’s comparatively straightforward to envision however the contraception pill may so end in a significant loss of drive for a lady that’s notably at risk of those aspect effects.

How Effective Is the Pill?

The Pill is one amongst the ways for contraception. It comes with the style of tablets and brought orally. It’s of 2 varieties. It works by not permitting spermatozoon to achieve in the womb. Though Associate in nursing egg becomes fertile, this pill prevents implantation. Within the different hand those pill containing each the hormones (estrogen and progestin) square measure known as combination pills. It conjointly affects the condition of the womb within the same manner however since it contains estrogen, it prevents unleash of eggs conjointly. The pill is extremely effective if it’s taken properly.

birth control implant weight gain
Birth Control Pills

If you are taking your pill a day at the same time then solely these pills are going to be effective.


  • The simplest thanks to beginning taking the pill is from initial the primary} day of your discharge amount or first day once Associate in Nursing abortion.
  • Take one pill day after day at the same time till you end the whole pack.
  • If you’ve got chosen pills for twenty-eight days pack, begin a brand new pack right away once finishing the recent one.
  • If you’ve got chosen pills for twenty-one days pack, take one pill daily at an equivalent time for twenty-one days. Afterward, no pill for seven days then starts a brand new pack right away.


  • It’s terribly low failure rate.
  • It’s terribly straightforward in use and if you would like to discontinue you’ll be able to do, therefore.
  • Its terribly rare that it creates severe complication.
  • Though all the contraceptives have some facet effects, it’s conjointly. However, there’s terribly low incidence of facet effects.
  • It’s not terribly valuable.
  • It doesn’t have any further risk if you employ it for a protracted time.


  • It doesn’t shield you from sexually transmitted diseases (Sexually Transmitted Infections) together with HIV/AIDS. So, it’s powerfully suggested that you simply should use the contraceptive device to lower the danger of Sexually Transmitted Infections.
  • If it’s not beginner within five days of the start of discharge amount or five days once abortion, it’ll be effective solely once one month.

Although the pills area unit terribly effective for contraception measure however if you’re over thirty-five years archaic or plagued by disease, suspected cancer, unexplained channel harm, let your doctor decide whether or not you ought to take the pills or not.

Birth Control Pills and Weight Control

birth control implant weight gain
Weight Control

The preventive Pill or contraception pill belongs to a category of contraception compounds known as secretion contraceptives. The fundamental science behind them is to interrupt the conventional unleash of hormones within the feminine that result in the biological process or the discharge of Associate in Nursing egg. If there’s no egg free, no fertilization will occur. Between twenty and sixty % of girls can discontinue victimization OCPs as a result of aspect effects like headaches, mood changes, and weight gain. Several secretion contraceptives list weight amendment as an aspect result. This time of this text is to debate OCPs and birth control implant weight gain.

Weight Gain and Birth Control Pills

The huge diversity of contraception pills bestowed to ladies provides them a large variety to decide on from. There square measure contraception pills that employment best for others however, won’t work for you or aren’t acceptable for you. As luck would have it, thanks to the wide range of contraception pills to decide on from, it’ll be simple to try and do a short run and see what kind works for you best.

Most women square measure weight aware thus it’s vital for them that their management pills won’t impede their weight loss or weight maintenance programs. However, there aren’t any studies which will support such allegation of weight gain once the use of management pills. Researchers don’t have any proof inform the burden gain to the employment of oral contraceptives. Their square measure several theories, however, none has been well-tried to be the important answer.

What must you do?

  • Raise your doctor concerning it particularly if you’re involved concerning the chance that your contraception pill is inflicting you to realize weight.
  • you’ll elicit a switch of prescription contraception pill


  • Avoid oral contraceptives that have elevated doses of internal secretion steroid sex – a hormone which will in all probability cause birth control implant weight gain.

How are you able to forestall undesirable weight gain?

  • once prescription of oral contraceptives, you’ve got to be additional watchful in maintaining an accurate diet and workouts for your body
  • Once you expertise a small modification in your weight or perhaps in your craving and habits, you’ll merely switch to a different variety of contraception after all with the recommendation of physicians.


  • You’ll raise your MD concerning the burden gain once having tried differing types of preventive however still having an identical drawback.
  • Confirm if you’ve got any underlying pathological state that contributes to the current untoward impact.

Obesity and Birth Control Pills

A recent study has found that overweight or fat will increase the possibilities of gestation whereas victimization contraception pills. Gynecologists say that contraception pills haven’t enough impact on overweight or rotund girls. Overweight girls have hr and rotund girls have seventieth more for girls WHO incomprehensible anovulatory drug, the chance of gestation over doubled compare to overweight or rotund girls. The study says that out of hundred overweight girls taking the oral contraceptives, 5 got pregnant whereas solely 3 out of hundred traditional weight girls WHO take oral contraceptives got pregnant every year.

birth control implant weight gain
Obesity and Birth Control Pills
  • The hormones in oral contraceptives area unit soluble in fat that is in enough amounts in rotund girls. Attributable to this, fat hormones dissolve in fat instead of getting into the blood.
  • Metabolism is additionally a significant cause. The basal rate will increase per weight; a lot of the body weight, a lot of basal rates. The rise in rate decreases the length of medication impact. This can be the conjointly one in all the causes attributable to those oral contraceptives don’t work.


  • Attributable to fat, there’s a rise in liver enzymes that facilitate metabolize the hormones in oral contraceptives.
  • These days the hormones level in oral contraceptives is reduced by 5 times than initial introduced.
  • Current blood volume in rotund girls is larger than traditional girls within which the steroids area unit transported. Fat cells could sequester steroids. Rotund girls conjointly metabolize steroids in several methods than traditional one.

Now the important question arises. ought to overweight girls WHO don’t desire to risk an unpredictable gestation ought to take a lot of oral contraceptives or higher dose oral contraceptives or not? Gynecologists say it’s not essential as a result of overweight or rotund girls have a lot of possibilities of disorder risk factors than traditional weight girls. They counsel that rotund girl WHO completed childbearing use some permanent kind of contraception like body structure sterilization.

Obese ladies WHO wish to be pregnant could use the contraceptive device or different strategies. Another methodology for fat ladies suggests that 1st they must lose their weight, so commit to using oral contraceptives. For weight loss, fat ladies will use weight loss diet pills, natural supplements, exercise, yoga and different weight loss programs. Through exercise losing, weight takes longer that isn’t considered for ladies. For fast weight loss, they will use weight loss diet pills.

Contraception pills- Reason of blubber

  • Attributable to oral contraceptives, the extent of metabolism alters. As a result of each, the steroid hormone and sex hormone gift in these pills can cause fluid retention, a short-lived impact that always begins within the 1st month as results of a rise in atomic number 11. The explanation for weight gain (an increase of hips, breast, or thigh) is attributable to steroid hormone.
  • Oral contraceptives contain sex hormone that causes increase inappetency and permanent birth control implant weight gain.
  • Pills administered for depression may additionally be the explanation for weight gain.

Women WHO get weight attributable to oral contraceptives could lose weight through weight loss diet pills, natural supplements, exercise, yoga and different weight loss programs.

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