best fitness apps

Best fitness apps are very helpful for men and women who want to make them figure attractive. Working out or being on a diet is hard but necessary considering the wellness of ourselves. When I first become conscious of my health, I use to think about so much at a time that going to the psychiatrist also crossed my mind because things were going out of hand. At times we want someone else to be worried on our behalf, but we cannot expect this from someone either because everyone is fighting their own battles.

Best Fitness Apps

Thankfully technology is prevailing and helping us so much that we can almost do anything. You should follow the top ten best fitness apps to make a healthy figure. There are so many apps floating around for you to use in order to input the data once and then just maintain. Following are the top ten fitness apps that may change your style to carry out things. I have collected here top ten best fitness apps you should really know about it.

best fitness apps
Best Fitness Apps

It is one of the old yet gold applications on the app stores. I have been using this for quite some time now, and it had been much of a help. My fitness pal is that pal who register your entire food intake for the day, but before that, you would need to tell your age, height, current weight, and fitness goal; to lose weight, gain weight or maintain.

My fitness pal has a variety of healthy food recipes that you can enjoy while staying within the limits of your calorie intake for the day.

  1. 8FIT (Best Fitness Apps)

8fit is an all-around fitness planner. 8fit do not neglect your preference and while keeping that, your goals and current weight in mind it prepares a meal plan and exercise regimen for you.

The best thing I like about this app is that you can select the days you are going to go for grocery shopping and the app will not just notify you but will also tell you what ingredients you would need to prepare the recipes you selected on the app.

You can also register your every physical activity in this app to make sure of the calories burning you have done all day. The premium edition of this app costs $59.99 per year.


Pregnancy is a hard time for women as she has to take care of her life and of a life growing inside her. In that time, things like what to eat and what not, should I exercise or not, are floating in her head.

In pregnancy, it is vital to remain cool, calm and stress-free and Prenatal Workouts is the answer to your questions. While fitness is our goal and pregnancy demands fitness it is also crucial to be cautious. For each trimester, there are different yoga based workouts.


RunKeeper helps you to maintain a good physical activity regimen even if it is just walking for a mile or 5K. No matter if your goal is to lose weight, hit a particular target or train for a race, Runkeeper will have your back. With its GPS system, its users can search for new routes for keeping their workout stimulated.

best fitness apps (2)
Best Fitness Apps

Also, run keeper keeps you motivated by setting up some challenges to push you forward and have rewards for keeping you going.


It is said that people who are into yoga can never come back from its trans. For people like such or people who are looking for some yoga classes, Yoga Studio can do you some good.

From beginner to advance level and from 15 minutes to 60 minutes there is all kind of yoga and meditation classes for everyone who is interested.

Yoga Studio enables its users to customize their classes by choosing what to be, more flexible, strong, relax, balanced, or you need a combination of all four. With step by step instruction of all poses and a proper guide of its modifications, variations, benefits, and caution, Yoga Studio is a full package.

  1. COUCH TO 5K

Couch to 5K is here for you if you are a couch potato but needs to get things right. The plan helps you to run 5K in just nine weeks without missing out the fun and easiness. For a beginner, a 20 to 30 minutes run for three days in a week is planned. The program starts by walking then light jogging and then furthermore.

You can choose your coaches and get assistance with the audio cues throughout the workout. With the race training tool, you can share your progress on Facebook and let your friends know about the fitness regimen of yours.

What to do when done with your 5K goal? Go to the next step and opt for a 10k app.


This one is a simple one. Garmin fit uses your mobile`s GPS tracker to know your distance, elevation, and speed. It also calculates that how much calories have you burn and you can always listen to your own playlist.


We all admire the fitness trainers that consult the celebrities, and we all want to be that lucky. Playbook pairs you up with an athlete, trainer or social media influencer of your choice and you can get their latest updates in the reach of your touch.


Not a fan of the gym? Cannot take out a certain time for a workout? Do not like to interact with people? But would love to be stronger, fitter or leaner? Worry no more, SworKit got you covered. The app requires the basic information like, what your current fitness level is, what is your fitness goal and what time can you render per day and then the app plans out a six-week program for you, exclusively.

Once you have your hand on the plan, you can always customize your workouts with the moves you like. Thou the app is free, but in premium service, you can get advice from some really good trainers. The premium service costs $29.99 quarterly or $59.99 annually.

  1. CALM (Best Fitness Apps)

This app is for those who consider mental health to be an important part of their fitness which actually is. Mental health is very important for our overall fitness as our system depends on how our mind works.

The app calm soothes you from the moment you open it. It includes breathing programs, adult bedtime stories, guided meditations and relaxing music. The app makes you live in the peaceful side of the life. After installation, you are required to tell what do you need in your life like, reduced stress, reduced anxiety, increased happiness and stuff like these.

This application is free, but for premium subscription monthly or a lifetime, a fee is required.

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