5 day Workout Routine

Lots of special suggestions are crushing your head and mind. It is always the fundamental issue. What workout routine should I follow or which one will be the best for me I am on right now? I will give you some clear explanations why a 5 day workout routine must be a part of your training schedule. Firstly, we have to have clear indications that you have to change your workout routine after 6 to 10 weeks the most. Try to separate the year into 6 to 10 week time and set a workout routine for each stage. It doesn’t mean that you should follow a different 5 day workout routine for each and every time I mentioned above. You can do again a workout routine after a definite period.

5 Day Workout Routine

5 day workout routine
Regular Workout

For example, if your aim is to build your muscles and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, then a 5 day workout routine with 2 body parts for each workout day is fine. If you want to make your body strength even a 5 day workout plan will do it. At the beginning of the previous article, as I have written, cardio workouts have to be your main priority. However, on gaining muscle size my greatest proposal for you is doing the 5 day workout routine where each body organ gets its own workout day.

You will start on Monday with your chest, Tuesday – Back, Wednesday-Arms (Super-sets), Thursday-Shoulders and finally on Friday, you will work on your legs. You can do your training on Saturday and rest on Sunday.

Proper Way of Workout Routine

If you like to follow this 5 day workout routine you have to remember two important things:

  • As you can realize this is important workout routine. So, don’t exceed the 6 week limit in order to avoid muscle over training.


  • Before starting this routine, work on your power training for a couple of months. Then the results will be even better!


  My Favorite 5 Day Workout Routine


  • Stiff Legged Dead lift 5 Reps
  • Squats 6 Reps,
  • Leg Extensions 8 Reps,
  • Leg locks 5 Reps,



  • Rope Crossovers 7 Reps.
  • Incline Dumbbell Press 9 Reps

    5 day workout routine
    Body Builder
  • Incline Bench Press 8 Reps,
  • Cable Crossovers 5 Reps.
  • Bench Press 6 Reps,
  • Peck hit 9 Reps and



  • Lat Pull Downs 5 Reps,
  • Dumbbell Row 7 Reps,
  • Barbell Dead lifts 9 Reps and
  • Close Grip Pull down 8 Reps
  • Bent Barbell Rows 5 Reps,



  • Carry out these workouts as Super-Sets.
  • attention Curl 6 Reps.
  • Cable Pull down 5 Reps,
  • Skull Crushers 8 Reps,
  • Close Grip Bench Press 9 Reps
  • Alternate Dumbbell Curl 7 Reps,
  • Barbell Curl 8 Reps



  • overturn Peck Deck 8 Reps,
  • Lateral Dumbbell Raise 5 Reps and
  • Seated Barbell Press 7 Reps,
  • Seated Dumbbell Press 9 Reps,

Saturday Abdominal

Sunday Rest

Keep those muscles pumping!


Workout Routine to Build Muscle Fast

  For entire body functions, 5 day workout routine to make muscle is ideal for beginners who like to start exercise after a period of inactivity. Although it is very hard to find out a good total body functions workout routine that is really effective, there are some actually good workouts that should work for the majority of people.

Muscle Building
Muscle Building

You should start your weight training slowly so that your body can easily adapt to this exercise. That’s why 5 day workout routine is necessary for your body.  The muscle building routine that I have shown you above, should be taken serious guideline for a workout routine. You can change this 5 day workout routine to give you better results.

Gym Workout Routine to Grow Muscle

It is very significant to exercise weights for these 5 day workout routine that you can handle and do these exercises with perfect way. Most people exercise too heavy weights because they wish for looking cool and do not produce their muscles. Majority of the people do not pay any attention to rest periods between sets. Some guys take a break between sets for 6 or more minutes. The rest time between sets should be 1 minute or even less.

When you are in the gym, you have to exercise without talking with others, mobiles or even music. Focus on the workout you are doing. This whole body workout routine follows very well and if you maintain it properly, then at the end you will be tired.

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Gym Workout Routine and Its Effect

Before reading this document, I will inform you it is technical and dry reading. But if you are serious about your Gym Workouts then it will be well worth reading this document as a start point and further reading can be found in the references in the below.

1) Three Day Workouts

This workout is usually followed by a beginner and it is called a beginner programmed. This pattern is usually done:

8 reps, 2 minute break, 3- 4 sets,

5 day workout routine
Gym Workout

Commonly with this workout, you would do one train per body part (legs, chest, back, abs, biceps, triceps, lower back, and shoulders). These give you six exercises in total and need ten minutes cardio at the opening to warm up, as well as a five minute cardio as a cool down. Re-stretching and post-stretching are also usually added to this gym workout routine. Remember this routine is generally followed by beginners. If you are fresh to the gym, you should use this for the first 4-8 months. This will enable you to make power, endurance, stance and the cardio-vascular system required.

2) Split Routine

This is completed by four resistance based workouts a week, commonly used by bodybuilders. Depending on how it is used, it can build up muscle extent and definition.

These routines are usually split based on the upper-body workout (that is chest, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps), followed by a lower-body workout the next day (that is abs, lower back, calves, quads, and gluten).

Principally, if you want to build larger muscles, you need to focus on struggle exercises. You have to do fewer repetitions. With a high fighting total gym exercises routine, you need to perform 8-9 repetitions and 4-6 sets of every high resistance workout. You have to rest your body a day before you do the same workout. You should center of attention on your upper body the first day, your lower body the next day.

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